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Reinhardt Flooring specializes in many different types of carpet in Chester PA and the surrounding area. We offer the complete line for all of our products, as well as full service installation experts. Our carpet is just one of many different types of flooring in Chester PA that we offer. We also offer a variety of hardwood, laminates, vinyl and ceramic flooring in Chester PA and many surrounding areas.

Some of the different varieties of carpet that we specialize in include:

  • Texture
  • Plush
  • Frieze
  • Berber
  • Loop/ Commercial
  • Indoor and Outdoor

Texture Carpet

Our Texture carpet is available for $1.99 a square foot, and includes free padding with your purchase. This type of carpet in suitable for every room in your home, it is suitable for both casual and formal rooms. We carry and install over a hundred different colors of texture carpet that will reduce noise level in your home and provide that finishing touch to your décor.

You may want to learn more about our pet friendly types of carpet, after all your pets should be taken into consideration when choosing flooring.

Texture flooring in Chester PA is a very versatile type of carpet that compliments any room occasion and makes any type of space comfortable and inviting.

Plush Carpet

On Sale Starting at $2.50 a Square Foot.

Plush carpet in Chester PA is a luxury type of flooring, this carpet is soft clean and smooth. This carpet is well known for its durability, soft accents and thick soft loops. There are many advantages to having plush carpet installed in your home including:

  • It is a very stylish carpet
  • It is luxurious and very soft
  • Exceptional for any room such as dining or peaceful areas
  • You have your choice of over a dozen different colors to choose from

We offer many pet friendly options for carpet as well. Plush carpet is traditionally installed in living room and dining room areas, although it is ideal for those quiet areas of your home such as a study or bedroom. We will help you to choose the best color and texture to match your home décor.

Frieze Carpet

On Sale Starting At $2.90 a Square Foot

Frieze carpet in Chester PA is a very heavy duty type carpet, mainly used for any areas that receive more foot traffic in your home. Frieze prevents breakdowns in your carpet due to everyday wear and tear. Some of the benefits of having Frieze flooring in your home include:

  • It is resilient and manufactured to last
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • A very smart alternative to high foot traffic areas
  • Unique for not allowing imprints or marks
  • Available in a variety of different patterns, colors and fiber types

This flooring in Chester PA is very unique because it consists of individual fibers that are tightly coiled to create that beautiful twisted look. This carpet is ideal for vacuuming by allowing the vacuum to lift dirt up with ease because of how the fibers are twisted together.

Berber Carpet

Prices Starting At $2.75 a Square Foot

Berber Carpet is a very highly used type of flooring in both large and smaller areas of the home. This carpet is manufactured for comfort and durability with the areas that have more foot traffic than others. Berbers unique design consists of large and small fibers integrated together for that beautiful luscious look and feel.

Some of the advantages of having Berber Carpet in your home include:

  • This flooring has the ability to match with any home décor
  • Very durable due to the tight assembly of loops
  • Does not allow foot prints or vacuum imprints to last on your carpet
  • Comes in a variety of different patterns, colors and weaves

Berbers unique design is more resistant to markings and crushing than most carpets on the market. This flooring will enhance the look or décor of your home. We offer many different types of Berber to match any style home such as modern, timeless or retro décor. Berber is available in a wide variety of colors that range from neutral tones or mixed variations.

Loop/ Commercial carpet

Prices Starting At $.99 a Square Foot

Commercial or Loop carpet in Chester PA is more of your customary type of flooring for everyday commercial use for your home or office space. This type of carpet is also ideal for those familiar areas such as the basement or a child’s room.

Some of the key advantages to having commercial carpet installed in your residence are:

  • This carpet is a very durable and resilient type of flooring
  • Easy to clean and vacuum
  • Ideal of those higher traffic areas
  • Accents the informal areas of your home or office
  • It is available in a variety of different colors to match and décor

This carpet is a number one choice when looking for flooring that offers style and permanence. This carpet is very low maintenance and is constructed of fine loop fibers, making this carpet very unique and will last for many years to come.

Indoor Outdoor Carpet

Prices Starting At $1.50 a Square Foot

Indoor Outdoor Carpets are designed to withstand fading and construction of everyday life and the elements. This carpet is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor, allowing this flooring to very versatile. Some of the advantages to having this type of flooring on your home include:

  • This carpet offers the most durability of any carpet
  • This carpet will not fade or collect mildew
  • Indoor outdoor carpet is very simple to maintain
  • Practical and fashionably beautiful for any room
  • Ideal for workshops, basements porches and pools.

This flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and fibers allowing you to have it installed in any room of your home, both inside and outside.

For more information on Reinhardt Flooring's complete line of carpet in Chester PA please call 610-998-9988 or visit the contact us page.